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Education & Awareness

September 12, 2018

Epilepsy Support #FairShare4Epilepsy Give Now It’s what we do… It’s all we do… We do it well! And in our service area, we are the only organization equipped to do it!

Sunny Days Camp & Youth Empowerment Program

September 12, 2018

Sunny Days Camp & Youth Empowerment Program. #FairShare4Epilepsy Give Now TOGETHER WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE When you give to Epilepsy South Central Ontario, you not only support our programs and services, you help empower people take back their lives! Only YOU can help us restore independence, self-respect and dignity. Only YOU can help overcome the stigma!…

Volunteer & Fundraising

September 12, 2018

Volunteer & Fundraising. #FairShare4Epilepsy Give Now Thanks to people like you, we will be able to provide: • Sunny Days Camp for Kids, • The Youth Empowerment Program, • Family Support and Counselling, • Individual Support and Counselling • Public Awareness and Advocacy, • Epilepsy Education, • Employment Workshops, • Epilepsy First Aid Safety Workshops. Because…

Friday to Sunday – Weekend Retreat – SOLD OUT!!

September 4, 2018

Friday to Sunday – Weekend Retreat – SOLD OUT!! Saturday – Conference Only – LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE! Book your Saturday Conference by Thursday September 6th, 3pm For more information contact: Andrea Dent