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SUNNY DAYS CAMP – a parent’s perspective

“This was a summer of firsts. For her, and for me. This year my daughter attended Sunny Days camp. Three days a week she was out of my sight all day and in the hands of others.

This was a huge step. Not for her, but for me. As a self-professed bubble wrapper, I struggle with letting go. In particular, allowing my child to go on field trips without me. It freaks me right out. But alas, at 12 years old she needs her independence. 

So, she went to Medieval Times, horseback riding, Hamilton Adventure Village, Dragon boat racing on the Credit River, and the excursion I feared most, by Go train and subway and bus and ferry to Centre Island. Without me! 

As I dropped her off I felt full-on panicky. What if she fell off the ferry? Or got hurt on the train, or got lost at the amusement park?? I was nervous, but I dug deep and let her go. And in the very capable hands of her amazing counselors, she had the time of her life. When I picked her up at the end of the day the other parents asked, “And how did YOU do?” I laughed. I survived.

This was definitely a summer of firsts. And we’re already looking forward to going back to Sunny days Camp next summer for seconds!”

Lisa T, proud parent



 SUNNY DAYS CAMP – a counsellor’s perspective

“This HAS to be one of the best things to ever happen to me!  I got to meet such a wonderful staff who I ‘m personally VERY comfortable with.  I got to meet wonderful kids who are so innocent and cute.  Currently, my university dorm room is covered with drawings/paintings and cards that they’ve give me!

 A few weeks ago, I actually decided to change my career path! If I go into medicine, I want epilepsy/neurology to be my main focus and research area because I genuinely WANT to know everything about it and try to find ways to help those who have it, from a medical perspective.

 When I saw one of the kids have a seizure, in the moment I was there helping her with it but I just KNEW that I wanted to do more.  If I go into overall health care then again, I really want to do something revolving around epilepsy, whether that may be working with kids who have epilepsy or kids who have epilepsy along with other medical conditions.”

Shania A, proud camp counsellor