Facebook Profile Picture Frames

February 22, 2021

Our Epilepsy South Central Ontario Facebook profile frames are now live.

Show your Epilepsy Awareness and update your profile picture with our Epilepsy Awareness  Profile frames!

Select your profile picture, click update and search for Epilepsy South Central Ontario.


To add a frame to your Page’s profile picture:


  • Hover the mouse over your existing Facebook profile picture.
    The Update Profile Picture button appears.
  • Click the Update Profile Picture button.
    The Update Profile Picture window appears. Across the top are three options: Upload Photo, Add Frame, and Edit Thumbnails (indicated by a pencil icon). The bottom part of this menu displays photos that are already on Facebook that you may want to choose as your profile picture.
  • Select Add Frame.
    An interface for choosing frames appears. Facebook displays the most popular frames by default on the left side of the screen. You can use the search box to search for Epilepsy South Central Ontario to view all of the English and French frames.

Bonus Step – If you want to use the updated framed photo on other social media platforms, click “save as” on the photo to your computer and upload it to the social media platform of your choice.