(Home-Based Self-Management & Cognitive Training Changes Lives) addresses memory and attention issues common for people living with epilepsy. It will be delivered over eight sessions and is designed to help people living with epilepsy learn new strategies to improve memory and attention. HOBSCOTCH is an individual program led by a program staff member and requires a time commitment of eight weeks.

In general, not many participants are excluded from participating in the program if it appears they could benefit.

To participate in HOBSCOTCH, a person must:
• Have epilepsy with either controlled or uncontrolled seizures
• Report memory or attention problems
• Be able to read and write and understand English
• Have access to a computer with a webcam and internet capabilities for virtual sessions
• Have a mailing address to receive program materials if receiving the program virtually
• Requires a time commitment of eight weeks.

If you are interested in participating or learning more, please contact Carly Smith: carly@epilepsysco.org