Alleviate your 2021 Tax burden by supporting Epilepsy South Central Ontario

June 9, 2021

Gifts of Appreciated Stock

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Giving eligible appreciated stocks, mutual funds or employee stock option shares through a charitable organization is a popular choice with a range of givers — individual investors, families, entrepreneurs, and even groups of friends who have formed investment clubs.

By giving stock through Epilepsy South Central Ontario, you can avoid capital gains taxes that would be due as a result of the sale of the stock and benefit the local cause and organization you care about most. With gifts of appreciated stock, your stock market earnings translate into community impact, so you get a more rewarding return on your portfolio. You can support special programs for children, youth-at-risk, senior citizens, family programs, education or awareness programs….., the choice is yours.

Example: Donor wishes to make a gift of $10,000
Fair market value of stock is $10,000 (cost base of stock $2,000)

*For illustration purposes, a combined tax rate of 45% was used. Please note that combined tax rates vary across the provinces.

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