Brand new partnership between 40 Conditioning Inc & Epilepsy South Central Ontario

August 9, 2017

We are happy to announce a brand new partnership between 40 Conditioning Inc., and us!  This fall we will be hosting several work out classes for our Youth Empowerment Program. We are so excited!

40 Conditioning Inc., is owned and operated by Ben Fanelli, an ex-Kitchener Rangers Captain turned business owner.  Ben and his company are dedicated to providing fitness classes to people with disabilities, low income or people who just need more motivation!




Ben posing at the chicken wing competition with DAVEROCKS hosts, Chief of Police Bryan Larkin and Rexy

We first met Ben back in April when he offered to be one of our celebrity judges at our annual chicken wing competition. On top of being a wing aficionado, Ben was also so enthusiastic about creating a safe space for people to enjoy working out and getting active. We were instantly intrigued by his warm and positive attitude and when he offered to provide classes to our youth, we were ecstatic!





Stay tuned for our upcoming dates and times. If you would like to learn more about the Youth Empowerment Program, please check our listing of services or give us a call.

More about 40 Conditioning Inc., Providing fitness classes to groups of people without the financial means necessary or those in need of motivation, hope, and resilience. 40 was created to empower each and every one of us through fitness, mobility, and mindfulness. Click here to find out more here and sign up for a class: