7 Years of Support: 7 Sobeys Locations in KW!

April 11, 2017

7 Years of Support: 7 Sobeys Locations in KW!

For over 7 years, Sobeys in KW have hosted epilepsy awareness events, raising thousands of dollars and bringing forth attention to epilepsy and the importance of education and support in the community.

This year, all 7 stores across KW will be hosting BBQ’s, games and other initiatives in their stores on April 29th and 30th.


Before they dive into their 2017 celebrations, they will all come together to celebrate with chicken wings!

As luck would have it, this initiative always aligns with another longstanding fundraiser for our agency- the chicken wing competition!  Overloaded with friendly rivalry between Sobeys stores, managers compete to raise the most money for a chance to receive the prestigious title of Chicken Wing Judge at the event.  We are excited to welcome Robin and Jon from the Cambridge location this year :-).

Thanks Sobeys on Columbia for the chicken costume! It will be a hit at our wing night!

Despite the overwhelming support from all Sobeys staff and managers, one individual always stands out – Angie Frias.  Angie was a catalyst for this initiative, urging Sobeys to turn their attention to the cause in 2010.  Angie is no stranger to epilepsy, she has a daughter with epilepsy and has met many customers and staff over the years who have struggled wth epilepsy as well.

“Sobeys is a community centre, where people come, no matter their age, race, ability, etc.,  I want to make sure people can feel safe shopping and working here, that they will be supported if they have a seizure. We all matter, we all deserve to feel included, and so, we should all know about seizure first aid and we should all understand what it means to have epilepsy” – Angie Frias

Sobeys in KW proudly rallies behind its community, making positive contributions whenever they can, and we are so appreciative of their support.
Rachel from Ira Needles, she’s been supporting us for 7 years! :-) WOW, thanks gurl.
If you’re in the KW the last weekend of April, join us at any 7 Sobeys locations for BBQ’s, bake sales, games and celebrations!


Together we can increase awareness of epilepsy and continue to support those in our community who need our help!

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