Family & Youth Conference

The Family & Youth Conference is a three-day event that is designed to deliver relevant educational presentations and workshops to help individuals gain the knowledge and information they need to help better manage their epilepsy.

We have educational and life skills programs that are designed specifically for adults. youth and children.

For the children, some of these activities include pony rides, rock climbing, archery, and more! Activities are delivered in a safe environment with camp counselors trained in handling and managing seizures if they occur. The youth programming consists of a mixture of fun activities such as horseback riding, rock climbing, archery, and more, as well as educational workshops to help increase life skills and independence.

The adult programming is based on the current needs and relevant topics within our clientele base, to help adults living with epilepsy, as well as parents of children living with epilepsy, gain more knowledge and skills to help support themselves and their family members.

OF COURSE …  At the end of each day in the evening, we have a multitude of activities to enjoy as a family.


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