Seniors Helping Seniors

Consider this fact: 1 in 14 seniors over the age of 65 has epilepsy.

This figure doesn’t include the large number of seniors who are misdiagnosed as having had a stroke or some form of dementia due to the presenting symptoms. This is a clear indication that increased education, awareness, and seizure first aid training about epilepsy is critically needed in senior residences and day program centers.

Who better to deliver the presentation to seniors and their caregivers than – OTHER SENIORS in their own community!!!!

In an effort to better educate seniors, their caregivers, and other staff members in seniors’ residences and facilities hosting senior-focused day programs, Epilepsy South Central Ontario has developed a program called “Seniors Helping Seniors”.

Volunteers who are active seniors themselves are trained to deliver these informative presentations along with a staff member from our organization.

The goal of this program is not only to educate seniors and caregivers about epilepsy and how to recognize seizure symptoms but also to engage seniors in general as volunteers to help them stay engaged and active in their communities. This boosts seniors’ self-esteem and builds confidence at the same time as decreasing the feeling of isolation that older adults often feel as they age.

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